Team receives a fantastic donation from Brian Jones of BCP Fluted Packaging, to fund essential scene management equipment for our new Control Vehicle

Today experienced team members Neil Aspinal and Martin Banks met at his invitation, with Brian Jones, Chairman of BCP Fluted Packaging, at his offices based in Blackburn, Lancashire.

The meeting came about as Brian and Neil meet regularly on the shooting scene and as Brian put it “Neil had persuaded me, with my arm up my back, to support the work of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.”

Neil and Martin travelled in our Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance, ‘BM3’ to meet Brian and gave him a first hand account on the work of the team.
Additionally Martin, in his role as our new Control Vehicle Project Officer, gave to an interested Brian, the background and reasoning regards our purchase of a brand new Incident Control Vehicle, which will replace our existing Control Trailer.

Martin and Neil then outlined the teams current capital expenditure commitments and recent purchases.

These discussions immediately led to Brian very kindly expressing that he would like to purchase something tangible and with that in mind he kindly offered to support the purchase of new Incident Scene Management equipment for our new Incident Control Vehicle (Which is due in service in March 2013) to upgrade and replace the old, begged and ’borrowed’ equipment we currently carry in our Control Trailer.

This desired equipment includes incident traffic signage, road safety / traffic cones, and warning lights for roadside use.

After more discussion on the items the team would ideally like to buy for the new Incident Control Vehicle, Brian then left Martin and Neil to return moments later with a very generous donation to totally cover the purchase of what had been outlined by Neil and Martin …. a fantastic and incredibly kind and supportive donation of £1616.64p.

After their obvious initial surprise at his generosity and the presentation of a cheque, Brian was then invited by Neil and Martin to have a ’tour’ round BM3 and the equipment it carries, before Martin and Neil left expressing the teams sincere gratitude to Brian Jones for such kind support of our work.