Yet another fantastic donation from our friends and supporters at the Rotary Club of Turton

On May 5th 2011, long serving Call Out list member Diane Blakeley representing the team, gave an ‘After Dinner’ talk to the Rotary Club of Turton on the work of the Bolton MRT, before the Rotarians of Turton Rotary Club visited our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ on 24th January 2012.

Following this meeting at our Base / HQ, our Team Leader recently received from the Rotary Club of Turton, an invitation to attend their ‘Charity donation presentation evening,’ held this evening at the Last Drop Hotel, Bolton.

Previously our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE has also attended such a presentation, on 16th September 2010.

Diane Blakeley went along tonight to represent the team, and her report of this evenings proceedings follows;

“Tonight I attended the weekly meeting of the Rotary Club of Turton, at the Last Drop Hotel. Bolton Mountain Rescue Team was one of eight charities to be invited along for their ‘Charity donation presentation evening,’ all of whom had been selected by Past President Alan Smith as one of his charities for the year.

Alan had thoughtfully selected a range of charities as well as Bolton Mountain Rescue Team, these were Sand Dams, Derian House, Dementia Support Group (Bolton), Willow Foundation, Birtenshaw Hall, Marie Currie (Bolton) and our colleagues from North West Air Ambulance. Each charity was asked to say a few words to explain their work before Alan presented each representative with a very kind cheque donation. It was very interesting to hear a little of the work of these great charities.

Then Alan presented the cheque donation to Bolton MRT which I gratefully received, being totally surprised by the fantastic donation of £500.00 for Bolton Mountain Rescue Team, before we all posed for photographs.

A thank you again to Alan and all the members for their welcome, the fantastic fundraising they do for our local community and another wonderful and greatly appreciated donation for Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.”

Over the course of 2011, our incredibly kind and very supportive friends at the Rotary Club of Turton kindly donated to the team £400.00, in September 2010 they kindly donated £500.00, whilst in 2008 they very kindly donated £400.00.

All within the Bolton MRT membership are greatly appreciative of the wonderful generosity of all the Rotarians at the Rotary Club of Turton in so kindly supporting our voluntary search and rescue work in the local community.

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