Incident 77/2012

Whilst three Bolton MRT team members were taking part in the MREW National Mountain Rescue Party Leaders Course today at Wathgill Training Camp, near Catterick, facilitated by Swaledale MRT, (Two as staff members, our Training Officer Elaine Gilliland and IT ‘specialist’ Paul Brain, and one Samantha McKay as a course trainee) the host team was called out for a search centred around Calcutt, near Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, for a missing 67 years old man, with the Police concerned for his well being.

Initially Swaledale MRT responded around 13:00hrs with the Scarborough and Ryedale MRT also attending, but with the knowledge that an additional thirty MRT members with between 3 and 8 years experience, plus instructors was available via the MREW Course, the course was cut short for the members present on it to assist in this search.

A man, Graham Roskell, had been reported as missing this same morning from Harrogate Hospital. Police intelligence suggested he may be trying to make his way home to Kirk Hammerton, a distance of around 10 miles.

The mountain rescue teams assisted by SARDA (England) resources, were tasked with searching surrounding farmland, woodland and fields for the man, with the night sky often ablaze with colour from various firework displays taking place in the surrounding area.

At around 22:30hrs this evening the final search party returned to the RVP in Calcutt, with the mountain rescue aspect of the search stood down for the evening whilst North Yorkshire Police enquiries continue in an effort to locate Graham Roskell.

Thanks go out to the staff at The Union Hotel, Calcutt and Knaresborough Cricket Club for allowing numerous mountain rescue personnel the use of their car parks, and particular thanks to the people who lived next to the pub who provided biscuits and chilli and rice for all the searchers.