Team membership recruitment latest

This evening, the ten people taken on at our October 2012 new team member recruitment intake, commenced their ‘Probationary Team Member’ training period with the team, which will see them attending specific training activities each Wednesday evening, prior to the start of our main training session that evening. (When they will ‘join in’ fully integrated within the team, alongside our call out list members)

These training sessions once completed will allow each probationary member to function at a basic (Yet very helpful) level within the team at an early stage, and principally cover basic search and rescue equipment usage within the team and an over view of our operational procedures.

The sessions will last provisionally up to Wednesday 16th January 2013.

Tonight all ten probationary members were given an overview of the equipment carried on board our four team Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance vehicles, and the location of such equipment in each vehicle.

Following the completion of their probationary period, a selection of the ten will then take place for those deemed suitable to remain with the team for a twelve month long ‘Basic Training / Trainee Team Member’ period, during which they will all have to attend a residential ‘Foundation Course in Mountain Rescue’ weekend scheduled for mid October 2013.

The current team membership welcomes all ten of our new ‘Probationary members’ to the Bolton MRT, and wishes all well over the next couple of months of their initial training to become mountain rescue team members.