Visit to our Base / HQ by 5th Bolton West Cub Group

This evening the team welcomed the 5th Bolton West Cub pack to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ. They were met by experienced Team members Gill Leigh, Mike Marsh, Equipment Officer (Medical) Naomi Horan, Neil Warburton and Matthew Hailwood. Also present were three of our new Probationary members, namely Jess Ellsmore, Mark Jefferey and Ashley Kelshaw. Their evening visit began with a short talk from Gill to explain some of what Bolton Mountain Rescue Team does.
The Cubs had very dramatic ideas that we spent our time flying around in helicopters and diving off mountain tops, unfortunately we had to tame some of these ideas with a more realistic view of our work!

We then watched a short film to demonstrate in a little more detail how we operate. Following this the Cubs were split into three groups which took turns to explore our two Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulances we have based at our Base / HQ, including having a go with the flashing blue lights and sirens; how to perform CPR on a specially designed dummy; and how to set up one of our mountain rescue stretchers ready to carry an unsuspecting Cub!

The evening ended around 20:30hrs with the Cubs hopefully a little wiser about Bolton Mountain Rescue Team and the team members worn out!