Two tired team members return from NEWSAR Joint Exercise

The Bolton MRT for a very great many years now has enjoyed a close relationship with NEWSAR Team (North East Wales Search and Rescue ) which started way back with the old Clwyd Rescue Team, which was renamed as NEWSAR.

Over this long time a great many friendships have been forged, (Over too many beers in some instances !) from Team Leaders to Team members, with a period in the late 1980s and early 1990s when we held many joint weekend training exercises together in our respective team areas.

We have also jointly attended many call outs together, with each team calling on the other for support on a great many searches, with memorable searches for the Bolton MRT assisting NEWSAR in Prestatyn and Welshpool to name but two locations.

Regular readers will also recall that NEWSAR participate in the annual Joint Foundation Course in Mountain Rescue which we organise each year in mid October.

It was against this background that we recently received an invitation to send some members to an overnignht call out exercise planned by the NEWSAR team in their area, commencing yesterday evening.

With a great many commitments on our time this last week and with a major Standby Rescue Cover event tomorrow, few Bolton MRT members were available, but Team Call Out list members John Fletcher (Our Equipment Officer – Water) and Neil Warburton both attended to represent the Bolton MRT.

A report on their involvement will appear here shortly, what we can report at this stage is that they both turned up at the Minera Lead Mines Car Park for a mid evening ‘real time’ call out deployment.