Very kind donation received by the team thanks to prayers about a missing ring

Today our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE received a very kind donation to the team from a dear friend of the team, who sadly lost her husband in early summer this year.

This very thoughtful lady wishes to remain anonymous, but is very happy for us to publicly report the story behind her sincere and very thoughtful donation.
Her late husband had previous to his passing away, supported the team in a manner known only to ourselves and to his wife, and we appropriately thanked him and his wife personally at the time.

When he passed away, many kind and thoughtful donations were also made to the team in his memory.

The letter from the wife of our late supporter and friend received by our Team Leader today, accompanying a kind £50.00 donation stated;

“Dear Garry, Please find enclosed a £50.00 donation to Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.”

“As you know my late husband was a supporter of the team and you kindly personally gave him a tour of your Ladybridge Hall Headquarters.”

“A few weeks ago, I lost my late husbands signet ring which I had been wearing, this upset me deeply as it was of sentimental value and therefore irreplaceable.”

“I said my prayers to St Jude and St Anthony and made myself a promise if it was found I would make a donation of £50.00 to charity.”

“As you have probably guessed by now I did find the ring, it was at the bottom of my wardrobe, presumably it slipped off when I was getting something out!”

“I thought that my late husband would be pleased if I gave the donation to Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

“I would like to wish you and the team a very Happy Christmas (If it’s not too early) and keep up the good work! with very best wishes. Anon.”

The whole team membership extends it gratitude for the thoughts behind this very kind donation, which serves to keep alive the memory of a very kind gentleman and supporter of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.