Team donates further equipment to Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue Team

With the recent re-equipment within the team of our hand held search lighting equipment, we recently decided to donate our now surplus, ‘older generation’ powerful search lights to our colleagues at Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue Team.

This is part of a number of surplus equipment donations we have been making to the Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue Team.

Experienced and long serving Team Call Out list member Chris Tennant, who holds the Bolton Team title of ‘Honorary Flatlander,’ as he originally hails from Norfolk! decided to personally handover this surplus to our requirements equipment donation to our colleagues in Norfolk on a weekend ‘down south’ meeting his family in Norfolk.

Chris Tennant also decided that not only would he hand over this kit, he would also join in NORLSAR Friday night’s exercise as well!

So this evening saw Chris on the joint exercise (Ok he was our only representative present) and then handing over our donation to the Chairman / Team Leader of NORLSAR Paul Chamberlain.

Our Donation consisted of 5x Dragon T12 powerful hand held rechargeable searchlights, 6x associated 12v vehicle direct power leads, 4x charging units (Mains) and spare fuses.

All the Dragon T12 lights were originally purchased by our team in December 1993, April 1993 and January 1997, at a cost then of £145.00 a unit.

Within our team they originally complimented and then totally supplanted our earlier Dragon Mark 2 lights.

All the Dragon T12 lights donated were despite their age, fully operational, having been subject to a manufacturers complete overall and refurbishment in 2004.

Chris Tennant also handed over to our colleagues in NORLSAR some Casualty Care Training Manuals, which again were surplus to our requirements.

Chirs mentioned it was interesting to note that on the exercise he attended, NORLSAR were using the Dragon Magnum scene lighting units we had recently donated to them.

An account of the evening by Chris Tennant will appear here shortly.