Team Collection Box update for month end November 2012

We are very pleased to announce our November month end 2012 collection box figures, with £543.09p collected, against £656.61p for November 2011.

Our year to date (Up to November 30th 2012) collection box income figure is a marvellous £3,197.24p, against £4,060.13p for the same period last year.

We currently have 126x collection boxes out and about in the teams operational area and with a small number of individual supporters. The number of boxes we have out and about has unfortunately continued steadily dropping over the last ten months, perhaps a sign of these hardened financial times, but thankfully new sites keep cropping up to balance out some of our now lost sites.

As ever we offer our sincere thanks to all who so kindly host a box and of course to the large number of supporters who contribute to so regularly filling up all our boxes out and about.

We are always looking to all our supporters out and about to help us steadily increase the number of collection boxes we have in circulation.

If you feel you can kindly help us in this way please contact us via the addresses given within the ‘contacts’ section of our website.