NWAS Junior Life Saver Certificate Presentation to three young heroes involved in Incident 86, Saturday 1st December 2012

Readers may recall that last Saturday alongside an NWAS Emergency Ambulance crew, we were involved in the rescue of a collapsed woman at Moses Gate Country Park at Farnworth, Bolton. (Please see website news report, Incident 86 Saturday 1st December 2012)

Central to the success of this rescue was the involvement of three young boys, who found the collapsed woman, arranged for the emergency services to be called, met us and the responding Ambulance crew, guided us to the casualty site, stayed to help us and then carried some of our kit back to our vehicles; allowing us to concentrate on stretcher evacuating the woman, and then stayed to inform GMP Officers of what had happened.

One of our members present, Gillian Leigh, wrote to the Head teachers at the two schools where the young boys attend, to ask that they be thanked for their assistance and ‘public spiritedness.’

Further to this our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE discussed the boys involvement with NWAS, and as a result NWAS decided without hesitation to award all three boys involved with an ‘NWAS Junior Life Saver’ framed Certificate.

This evening, our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, and long serving team call out list member Gillian Leigh, journeyed to the Trafford Street, Farnworth, home of one of the three boys involved, 11 years old Liam Hardman.

Here Garry and Gillian also met up again with 12 year old Josh Rider and 12 year old Joshua Nuttall, the two other boys involved in this incident.

From NWAS (Greater Manchester Area) came NWAS Emergency Operations Centre Manager Martin Hawksworth, who contacted the team to assist NWAS on the day.
Martin presented all three boys with their ‘NWAS Junior Life Saver’ framed certificates.

The boys and their assembled families actually did not know anything about the certificates being awarded, as they all thought they were just meeting for a photograph to accompany a story in the Bolton News newspaper about the incident.
So it was a truely wonderful surprise all round!

After thanking the boys for their valued help, Martin handed over proceedings to Garry and Gillian, who presented Liam, Joshua and Josh with mountain rescue supporter badges and Bolton MRT stickers.

The story and picture of the three boys will appear shortly in the daily Bolton News.