Team members are special VIP Christmas Dinner Guests of Asda Bolton

This afternoon, three Bolton MRT team members were the special VIP guests (Amongst others) at a Christmas Dinner held at the Astley Bridge major store of Asda, Bolton.

Asda through such initiatives as their ‘Community Life’ programme are fantastic supporters of local charitable causes, including the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

Today they held a very special Christmas Dinner to which they invited representatives of local charities they support, hence our invite.

Representing the team was our President and former Team Leader Bob Hutchinson, Life Vice President Tony McNally and experienced Team Call Out list member and recently qualified Mountain Rescue Party Leader, Samantha McKay.

Present amongst those from Asda, were our great friends, Store Manager Paul Wilcox, and Community Life Champion Christine Baldwin.

The following is an account of the wonderful afternoon Christmas Dinner, by Samantha McKay;

“Arriving at Asda at 13.55hrs we were greeted by Paul Wilcox (Store manager) and escorted to the staff canteen where other community organisations and the Asda management team were already seated for Christmas dinner. A short speech was given by Paul as to why everyone was invited (to thank the various organisations and the store staff for all their hard work, time and dedication given).

The tables where decorated with Christmas crackers and party poppers; as dinner was being served we pulled each other’s crackers and donned party hats. Our very own President Bob pulled a party popper which unfortunately rocketed sky high and came down like a bullet landing in the bowl of soup which the nice lady facing him was eating; a red faced Bob (nearly as red as the ladies facing him, which was covered in tomato soup) (only joking) was very apologetic although it was taken in good fun. A full 3 course Christmas dinner was served by excellent and well mannered staff; it was a truly scrumptious feast.

Following the meal there was a raffle in which everyone was given a free ticket on arrival. The first prize was won by a lady from St Peters Church Astley Bridge who just happened to be sitting next to our team member Sam McKay, the lady was then asked to pick another ticket in which she only went and pulled out Sam’s ticket; pure coincidence but of course claims of ‘a fix’ were shouted across the room.

To conclude the dinner all staff and managers were given a round of applause and a big thank you from all present. We were given luxury mince pies to take home and departed with full bellies and a box of chocolates won in the raffle.

All three team members would like to thank all the staff at Asda Astley Bridge for their very kind generosity and hospitality.”