Congratulations to Paul Chisholm as he enters the ‘long training route’ to becoming a SARDA Search Dog Handler

This evening team member Paul Chisholm, after a lot of hard work ‘bodying,’
is very pleased to announce that SARDA (England) have accepted him and his dog Bella, following an all important registration test, to enter the long training route which will hopefully result in Paul and Bella being assessed as an ’Initial Grade’ Search Dog team.

Paul and Bella now have a huge amount of work in front of them to obtain grading as an operational SARDA Dog Team (Typically at least two years plus intensive training in front of them) At this early stage in his ambitions to become a SARDA (England) Dog Handler, Paul would like to extend his thanks to all who have helped him get to this point, from within the Bolton MRT membership and from supporting teams and obviously from SARDA itself.