Team welcomes a visit by four members of North East Wales Search and Rescue Team (NEWSART)

This evening four members of NEWSAR Team journeyed from across their team area in North East Wales on a fact finding visit to us to ask how we in Bolton MRT conduct and organise our fund raising and public relations activities within the team.

The opportunity was also taken to ask how we organise the team and our successful Support Group and to discuss joint training opportunities.

Taking part in the visit from NEWSAR were Danni Burgess (Who organised the visit), Team Training Officer Graham Munns, Declan Mayo (Collecting Box co-ordinator) and Peter Reynolds, Fundraising Officer.

The four were met at the start of their visit at 19.15hrs to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ by our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE and our Team Secretary and Support Group member Gillian Gregory.

Prior to the arrival of the rest of the Bolton MRT membership for our routine Wednesday evening training, the four were given a tour of our Base / HQ by Garry, before enjoying a buffet provided by Gillian.

Over the next few hours in our company a great many questions were asked of Garry and Gillian by Danni, Graham, Declan and Peter, all (hopefully) receiving an answer.

All to soon their visit was over, but not before Danni very kindly presented to Garry a Christmas Card, jar of Quality Street sweets and a Toblerone, to the Bolton MRT membership as thanks for our hospitality during their visit and for our openness and willingness to share information on how we conduct our fund raising and organise our Support Group.

The four then joined the rest of the Bolton MRT membership for a social drink, after our team training had finished at 22.00hrs, in the Bobs Smithy Public House, before commencing the long journey back to their homes.