Team benefits from the kindness of all at the Salvation Army, Bolton, Annual Christmas Carol Service

Jenny Fearn, the Secretary of the Salvation Army, Bolton, recently invited the team to send a representative to their Annual Carol Service, to say a few words about the work of the team , and to accept the proceeds of their Carol Service charitable collection, which every year goes to a chosen charity, ourselves being the thoughtful choice for this year.

The service starting this evening at 17.30hrs, took place at The Salvation Army Church on St Geroge’s Road, Bolton, and attracted a fantastic congregation.

Representing the Bolton MRT were Team Call Out list members Chris Tennant and Paul Copley, and Team Support group members Tina Tennant (Wife of Chris) and Sarah Hindle.

The collection was taken at the mid point of the service, and at the end of the wonderful carol service, our four representatives were handed an absolutely amazing donation of £468.66p

What’s more they were then approached by someone who had missed the collection and handed over a further kind £5.00.

So in total due to the very kind and appreciated festive support of all present at todays Salvation Army Christmas Carol Service, the Bolton MRT has benefitted by a total donation of £473.66p.

The whole Bolton MRT wishes to extend its festive thanks to all in the congregation at tonight’s Salvation Army, Bolton, Christmas Carol Service.

We would also like to extend our Christmas and New Year wishes to all our friends at Bolton Salvation Army, who carry out some wonderful work within our communities at this time of the year and of course at all other times as well.

Finally Chris, Paul, Tina and Sarah all report they thoroughly enjoyed the Carol Service.

There follows a report on the Carol service by Paul Copley;

“This evening Chris Tennant and his wife Tina, Paul Copley along with Support Group member Sarah Hindle and her daughter represented the team at the Salvation Army Carol Service as the team were to be the beneficiaries of the Carol Service Collection.

The service was highly enjoyable and unique with the evening starting with the Salvation Army brass band playing to carols followed by the very young children doing a rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, we then had to sing Jingle bells loudly as so to encourage Father Christmas to arrive, and after doing this successfully all the Children were presented with gifts.

At this point of the service a collection was held on behalf of the team and about 10 minutes later it was announced that the collection had raised a staggering £468.66p

Chris and Paul were then called to the stage to receive the incredible kind donation and Chris thanked the congregation on behalf of the team and gave a small talk on team history and what we did.

The service then carried on with more carols and all the children completing a modern day version of the nativity. At the carol service conclusion we were invited downstairs to have a cup of tea and biscuits along with the rest of the congregation.

Chris, Paul , Sarah and Tina would like to thank everyone at the Bolton Salvation Army for their amazing generosity, hospitality and for the invitation to the Carol service.”