Recarpeting of our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ completed today thanks to volunteers from Milliken Industrials Limited

All who know the team and particularly those who have visited our excellent Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ premises, kindly provided by NWAS (Manchester), know we take considerable pride in the appearance of our Base / HQ, its cleanliness, maintenance and general tidiness.

Readers may recall that we had our Base / HQ upstairs rooms all re-carpeted earlier this year (January and April) with huge thanks to all our friends and supporters at Milliken Industrials, who not only very kindly provided all new carpet tiling by way of a donation, but also the freely donated staff time to lay the tiles.

The one remaining item to re-carpet was our entrance stairwell, the carpet of which particularly suffers from wear and tear, despite our ‘blue overshoe’ rule at our Base / HQ. (Visit us to find out what this is about if you do not already know)

Yet again Milliken Industrials have kindly stepped in to provide the carpet materials, and today their staff members Phil Lomax and Brian Winstanley have been very busy laying and fitting a super looking new carpet to our entrance stairwell (Not an easy task given the landings and twisting shape)

So remember if visiting our Base / HQ in the future please make sure you now have your best carpet slippers with you to enter our building!

Please also see website ‘news’ report dated 12th April 2012 and 3rd December 2012.