Very kind donations still roll in from our now “suspended” 250 Club

On Thursday 17th September 2009, after twenty five years of operation, with regret we publicly announced on our website that the team (after much deliberation) had decided to cease the operation of its 250 Club monthly fundraising draw, with effect from October 2009.

Started in October 1984 by Team member at the time (and Team Supporters Group group member as it was then called) Dave Dorgan, with the first draw taking place in December 1984, our 250 Club started out as the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team 100 Club.

Drawn every month then up to its ending in October 2009, after being expanded in the 1990s to become our 250 Club, each month 50% of the total income went out in prize money, with the results published within the fundraising area of our website.

The team retained the remaining 50% of the income on a monthly basis, with individuals paying £1.00 per number per month to take part in the draw. Over the years a great many supporters remained loyal to our 100 / 250 Club including many original members, our Team Leader Garry Rhodes and President Bob Hutchinson amongst them.

The 250 Club ended due to changes in the statement information we received from our bank, and increasing difficulties in the administration of our 250 Club.
Our Treasurer Johanne Lamb at its ending tried to contact as many members as possible to inform them of our decision, and to thank them for their valued and much appreciated support of the team over the years.

Very kindly a great many members of the 250 Club informed us that rather than cancel their regular monthly payments, they wished to continue to support the team by continuing to make a donation to the team via their ‘original’ 250 Club subscriptions, even though we had decided to end the 250 Club.

Today we can announce that over the last year (2012) we received donations originally given under the guise of the 250 Club, to the total of £436.00, which is a fantastic amount, and testament to the very kind and appreciated support, which continues to be shown to the team by ‘former’ 250 Club members.