Search Dog Boris unavailable for York search due to illness

We reported yesterday that our SARDA Dog Handler Steve Nelson, with his specialist Mountain Rescue Trailing Dog, Boris, had been requested by North Yorkshire Police to assist them with a missing person search enquiry today in York.

Unfortunately due to illness probably related to an injury to Boris’s nose due to rather too enthusiastically checking out a hedgehog! Steve decided Boris was not well enough to attend the call, and had to inform North Yorkshire Police he could no longer attend this morning.

Fortunately with regards to the missing man he turned up anyway later this morning!

Boris meanwhile will hopefully have recovered enough to take part in the SARDA (Wales) Dog Training routine weekend, starting this Friday evening, 11th January 2013, to which Steve will obviously be present, alongside our Training Officer Elaine Gilliland who is helping out (And regularly accompanies Steve on Call Outs to act as his navigator)