Incident 16/2013

Following the period of standby for NWAS reported below, two team Land Rover vehicles then travelled in to the teams moorland area checking on road conditions, given the recent snowfall of the morning.

Whilst nearing Rivington Village at circa 15.40hrs, our BM1 vehicle crew met up with an NWAS (Lancashire) Emergency Ambulance, (From Preston Ambulance Station) which was responding to the report of an injured snow sledger at Rivington Primary School.

Jointly arriving together at Rivington Primary School, it was established that a 15 years old girl (From the Adlington area) whilst snow sledging with friends in the vicinity of Yarrow Reservoir, had sustained an injured ankle.

Friends of the injured girl, and a passing member of the public, had then ‘sledged’ her to Rivington Primary School to meet the responding Ambulance.
Staff at the school had then taken her inside the school whilst awaiting the arrival of the Ambulance.

Following an assessment and initial treatment of the girls ankle injury, including pain killing gas, our team members present were requested by the NWAS crew to stretcher the young girl from the school to their Ambulance, which they duly did using the specialist mountain rescue stretcher carried on their vehicle. (Vehicle access to the school was not possible, and so the Ambulance had to park close by)

By 16.20hrs the young girl was on her way to hospital in the warmth and comfort of the NWAS Ambulance.

(Just prior to this our BM3 vehicle, also in the area, had arrived to assist with the short stretcher carry)

In total eight team members were involved in this incident.