Team welcomes a third visit to our Base / HQ by team supporters CresswellCromp Couriers

Further to their visits of 12th and 19th December, when we welcomed to our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ Gary Cresswell and his business partner Helen of CressCromp Couriers, Same Day Deliveries, Stable Fold Farm, Egerton, Bolton, who are interested in supporting the team on a charitable basis, this evening we once again welcomed Gary and Helen to our Base / HQ.

This time Gary and Helen were met by our Team President Bob Hutchinson and Team chairman Craig Lamb, who welcomed both at 19.00hrs.

Over their joint meeting, Bob and Craig discussed with Gary and Helen their thoughts on supporting the team.

We are very pleased to announce that Gary and Helen are now looking forward to actively supporting the team and in agreement with the team will be progressing their ideas on how their company will now progress this.

During their productive meeting, Gary and Helen were also each presented with a comprehensive information folder on the team, furthering their understanding of the teams work in support of the local community.

Please also see website ‘news’ report dated Wednesday 12th December 2012 and Wednesday 19th December 2012.