Incidents 24 to 31/2003

In a direct continuation from the previous evening, the team up to the early hours of this morning were deployed by NWAS (Manchester) EOC to a further eight snow related separate incidents. Incident locations included the Heaton, Halliwell, Horwich, Markland Hill, and Lostock areas of Bolton.

Incidents ranged from directly assisting Emergency Ambulances stuck in the wintry road conditions, to directly responding to incidents including fractures, falls, breathing difficulties and intoxication.

Twenty one team call out list members were involved, with four team members 4×4 vehicles also being utilised in direct support of our four Team Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulances also deployed and engaged fully during this early morning.

The team directly conveyed some casualties to Hospital, taking NWAS (Manchester) Emergency Ambulance staff alongside.

At one stage in the early hours we were contacted by Bowland Pennine MRT who were deployed on a major rescue operation joint with Lancashire Constabulary, Greater Manchester Police and the Highways Agency on the local motorway network (Due to calls from NWAS we could not initially attend, and then were stood down as no longer required)

The last incident we attended concluded at 06.10hrs.

At 07.00hrs our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE was the last team member to leave our Ladybridge Hall / Base HQ to get home, having firstly to dig his way through deep snow to reach the nearby Chorley New Road, ably assisted by team member Steve Fletcher, who had elected to stay behind at our Base / HQ to act as an immediate link to NWAS in case of further calls.

It goes without saying that all those team members who attended these incidents and those of Friday evening, had themselves struggled to firstly get to our Base / HQ in the deep snow conditions prevailing, and furthermore faced atrocious road conditions in getting home.