Latest news on our new recruits, now coming to the conclusion of their “Probationary Membership” period

Our late October 2012, membership recruitment drive resulted in the team taking on board ten ‘Probationary Members’ who are now nearing the end of their probationary membership period (Close but not quite at the end yet!)

They have collectively shown to date a commitment to the teams training, and support functions within the team, but generally have only experienced (Under close supervision) minimal actual search and rescue operations and only one Standby Rescue Cover event.

Today the ten chosen ones have become nine, with Probationary Member Michael Canney standing down from wishing to join the team, due to a new job opportunity.

Michael has thanked the team for the short period he was with us and has wished everyone all the best for the future.

Likewise we would like to extend all best wishes to Michael for this new job opportunity he has with a college.