Lecture visit to Westhoughton Visiting Service

This afternoon our Team President Bob Hutchinson, was the Guest Speaker at a meeting of the Westhoughton Visiting Service.

Held at their meeting venue of Westhoughton Community Learning Centre, on Central Drive, Westhoughton, Bob outlined the work of the team, and was pleasantly surprised to receive on behalf of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team a very kind donation of £48.00.

The Westhoughton Visiting Service has been invited by Bob and accepted such, to visit our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ on the afternoon of Tuesday 26th February 2013.

There follows a personal report on this afternoons visit by Bob Hutchinson.

“This afternoon I visited Westhoughton Visiting Service, who are a group of people who are either carers or who visit housebound folk to give them company and maybe help a little. The group meet together each Tuesday afternoon at Westhoughton Community Learning Centre and enjoy meeting each other and having speakers on various topics. My visit was arranged by Jean James and Hilary Welsby, both Co-ordinators with Westhoughton Visiting Service. The group of fourteen people were very interested in hearing about the Team and quite impressed with our promotional dvd (Thanks Diane it really goes down well). We spoke of the beginnings of Mountain Rescue in Lancashire and the early years of the team through to the present day and all the new vehicles and equipment that we now have. We covered our Casualty Care training, and our search abilities and right up to our new, under construction, Incident Control vehicle.

At the end of our talk I offered the group the opportunity to visit us at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ, including a look over our team vehicles based there. The offer was taken up immediately and we agreed a date there and then – Tuesday 26th February, 13.15ish at LBH.

During tea and biscuits Hilary very unexpectedly gave me a donation from the group of a magnificent £48.00. I will now look forward to hosting the group next month.”