Progress update report on our brand new Incident Control Vehicle

Our brand new Incident Control Vehicle is now on the ‘Production Line’ at Coleman Milne, Westhoughton, the specialist coach building company we have engaged to build this vehicle for us. (They produced a similar vehicle for our colleagues at Bowland Pennine MRT and specialise in vehicle conversions for the Fire and Police as well as their more familiar work building limousines and funeral hearses)

Their follows a brief report from our Incident Control Vehicle Project Officer Martin Banks;

“As has been previously reported, (Including previous website reports dated 30th October, 2nd July, 21st May and 11th June 2012) the team is in the process of commissioning for service a new Incident Control Vehicle to replace the existing Control Trailer currently in service. The vehicle is based on a VolksWagon Crafter and is being custom built and fitted out by Coleman Milne of Westhoughton.

We are pleased to report as planned that work has commenced on this vehicle and it is now on the ’production line’ at Coleman Miline. It is estimated that it will take – 6 – 8 weeks to complete the conversion and we aim to have the vehicle in service in early April 2013.

Currently the vehicle has been striped back and some of the electrical works have started. As the build continues we will post further pictures to show the progress of the latest addition to the teams capabilities and fleet.

Readers may recall that once this vehicle is in service with the team (Our sixth operational vehicle) we will be donating completely free, our existing Control Trailer to our friends and colleagues at Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue Team, who lack any facility of this nature.