Team Collection Box Report for month end January 2013

We are very pleased to announce our January month end 2013 collection box figures, with £166.19p collected, against £387.80p for January 2012.

We currently have 129x collection boxes out and about in the teams operational area and with a small number of individual supporters.

We feel that there is scope to increase the number of boxes we have out in the community, particularly when taken at this time of the year against the support role we provide to our local community in wintry weather.

Our ‘target’ figure is to increase the number of boxes we have out and about to 150x over the next few months.

If you feel you can kindly help us in this way please contact us via the addresses given within the ‘contacts’ section of our website.

As ever we offer our sincere thanks to all who so kindly host a box and of course to the large number of supporters who contribute to so regularly filling up all our boxes out and about.

All our boxes are regularly emptied with all sites thanked and acknowledged each time a box is emptied.

Additionally at each year end, all sites who have generated over £50.00 but under £100.00 receive a laminated Certificate of Thanks.

Those sites who have raised over £100.00 in the year receive a Team Plaque when reached for the first time, and then in subsequent years a Framed Certificate of Thanks.