Evening visit to the team by 11th Farnworth Guides.

There follows an account of their visit by team Call Out list member (And former team SARDA Handler) Dave Marsh;

“Tuesday evening saw a group of Guides from 11th Guide group based in Farnworth visiting our Ladybridge Hall base / HQ. The 20 guides and three leaders were suitably fed and watered before being divided into two groups.

Team member Naomi Horan (Medical Equipment Officer) along with probationary member Michael Wakerley showed the Guides around the team vehicles and equipment they hold, whilst Dave Marsh and probationary member Chris Wetherhead gave a presentation which included a video about mountain rescue in the UK and Ireland and an overview as to what the team gets involved with.

Half way through the time allocated saw the two groups swapping over.

At the end of their visit, the team members present thanked the Guides for their interest shown and wished them a safe journey home.”