Get well soon wishes to one of our regular readers and a fellow MRT colleague

The team extends its wishes for a speedy recovery to NEWSART team member Dani Burgess who has very seriously injured her back falling from her horse on Tuesday this week, necessitating her being airlifted by helicopter to hospital.

Dani is the organiser of a joint Bolton MRT / NEWSART / SARDA (Wales) solo static parachute jump in aid of Bolton MRT / NEWSART and SARDA (Wales) currently scheduled for Saturday 13th April 2013, suffice to say Dani will no longer be jumping!

Whether her back recovers to remain supple enough for her to maintain her ‘Champion of Champions Cornflake Packet Game’ title remains to be seen! (See Joint Foundation Course in Mountain Rescue report on our website in October last year for an explanation of this comment)