Visit to team by Westhoughton Visiting Service

On Tuesday 29th January 2013, we reported within our website on the visit by our Team President Bob Hutchinson, to Westhoughton Visiting Service.

Held at their meeting venue of Westhoughton Community Learning Centre, on Central Drive, Westhoughton, Bob outlined the work of the team, and was pleasantly surprised to receive on behalf of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team a very kind donation of £48.00.

Bob during his visit invited all present to visit our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ, and this afternoon Bob welcomed members of Westhoughton Visiting Service to their second meeting with the team.

There follows an account of this afternoons visit from Bob Hutchinson;

“Following the earlier visit to Westhoughton Community Learning Centre to give a talk on the Team to the carers and visitors group (see report dated 29th January 2012), nine of the group visited our Base / HQ at Ladybridge Hall to see for themselves the wonderful set up that the Team enjoyed. The group were met by Team President Bob Hutchinson and after a lengthy chat with tea and coffee the group were shown around the base with much interest and many questions. Then it was down to the garage to see the one remaining Land Rover in base (It should be noted that the available members of the Team were responding to Incident 39 assisting our neighbouring Team, Bowland Pennine MRT). The group were most impressed with the vehicle and very surprised at the equipment carried, not to mention the array of blue lights, floodlights and radios. It was soon time for the group to return to Westhoughton and the whole Team wishes them well in the tiring and often difficult work that they themselves do. The group pay a weekly subscription of £2 and very kindly donated this weeks total of £18.00 to the Team, this being in addition to the £48.00 they gave in January, so a hearty thank you once again!