Team requested by GMP to assist in search for missing man

At 18:52 this evening our Team Leader was contacted directly by GMP regarding a request, initially, for our specialist Trailing Search Dog in regards to a 90 year old male missing from Royal Bolton Hospital.

Liaison then took place between our Team Leader, Garry Rhodes, our Search Dog handler Steve Nelson and a GMP Missing Person Search Manager on likely search options.

At 19:14 hours the whole team was alerted to the possibility of their services being required in this search.

GMP Officers concentrated on a search of the hospital buildings and immediate surrounds initially.

At 21:14 hours the local GMP Inspector requested a full team callout and further liaison between our Team Leader and the GMP Missing Persons Search Manager.

As our Team Leader was collecting more information and was about to page the full team, the excellent news came in to GMP at 21:19 hours that the missing man had turned up in the South West of England.

At 21:57 hours following full confirmation of the above the team was stood down by pager.

This incident does not feature in our incident statistics and is reported here for interest only.