Charity Solo Parachute Jump in Aid of Bolton MRT, NEWSAR and SARDA Wales

When working at height, Bolton MRT,NEWSAR and SARDA (Wales) team members are usually attached to safety ropes and wearing helmets but on the 13th of April 2013 some of them will be ignoring this training and taking a leap out of an aircraft.

Bolton MRT Training Officer Elaine Gilliland and Vehicles Officer Chris Greenhalgh will be joining colleague Bolton MRT member and SARDA (Wales) Trailing Search Dog Handler Steve Nelson in a charity Solo Parachurte Jump.

Search Dog Boris who is already familiar with being winched into and out of a Sea King Rescue Helicopters, will not be taking part in the jump!

A number of NEWSAR team members will also be joining in the parachute jump.

All members taking part, from Bolton MRT, NEWSAR and SARDA (Wales) are doing so to raise funds for their respective three charities by boldly leaping out of a plane! The intrepid skydivers are aiming to raise £9,000 in total which will be split between the three organisations.

If you would like to help NEWSAR, Bolton MRT and Sarda Wales hit their target (the amount, not the ground!), please visit to donate. Don’t forget that if you gift aid your donation, we get an extra 28% from the government.

Some of the intrepid charity parachute jumpers at a photo call on Wednesday 20th February at NEWSARs Base HQ, Loggerheads, Mold