Letter of thanks received in relation to Incident 46/2011 (Thursday 21st July)

On Thursday 21st July 2011 along with GMFRS and NWAS (Manchester) we responded to an incident in Prestwich Forest Park on the banks of the River Irwell, involving a 49 year old male who whilst out dog walking with his son had slipped sustaining a suspected fractured left ankle.

At the time we received a guest book entry from the man’s son, Leeroy Thompson, thanking us for our help (see guestbook entry).

On 27th February 2013 we received the following kind email from the man involved, Gary Thompson, which we have reproduced below.

Dear Sirs
You came to my rescue when I was in total agony with a triple broken leg and ankle after the smallest slip and fall on the 21st July 2011 at Prestwich Forest. My doctors and surgeon told me it was a really bad break and after waiting 17 days for the swelling to go down I was successfully operated on and was given metal plates, screws and nuts and bolts to rebuild my badly broken leg and ankle.

After 18 months of pain and rehabilitation I am almost back to my old self 🙂

I have been wanting to thank you and your team for a long time now but I have never had a computer until very recently, and if this email works and find its way to you as I hope it will, as this is the first e-mail I’ve ever sent. Anyway I would sincerely like to thank you and your team for being my angels on the day and rescuing me so expertly, professionally and quick as you did. So thank you all once again from the bottom of my heart 🙂 Nice to know people like you are there when people like me need you so much.

Big thanks-best wishes to you all. Don’t take this the wrong way but as much as I do love you all, I do hope I never need you in that way again 🙂

The whole team would like to wish Gary Thompson a continuing recovery back to full health.