Team participates in Manchester University Health Safety and Wellbeing Events by giving a presentation on “Mountain Rescue and its Importance in a University Context”

Team Call Out list member (Also our Project Manager for our brand new Incident Control Vehicle) Martin Banks, who in his full time employment is a Human Resource Manager at The University of Manchester, following an earlier request this year, was asked to support the University’s annual ‘Wellbeing’ events by giving a lunch time presentation today on the role of Mountain Rescue in the University Context.

After covering a brief history of Mountain Rescue and its role in a national context his presentation focused on the Bolton MRTs work in an urban environment.

The presentation was well received, with many questions asked by an audience surprised at the variety of incidents and environments the Bolton MRT finds itself working in.

Further to todays presentation, team members will be displaying one of our four specialist Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance vehicles on Wednesday 13th March 2013, at a Community Awareness Day as part of the Health Safety and Wellbeing Events being held at Manchester University, alongside the North West Ambulance Service (Greater Manchester Area), Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and other Wellbeing groups.