Update report on our ASDA Middlebrook Collection Day of Saturday 16th March 2013

On Saturday 16th March members of our valued Support Group were busy at the ASDA Middlebrook store, holding the second collection of this year to date almost solely consisting of Support Group members.

With thanks to the following who attended; Team President Bob Hutchinson, and Support Group members Laura Tunnicliffe, Amanda Strickleton, Andrew Wilson, Steve James, Sarah Hindle, Tina Tennant and Julie Thompson, we held a successful collection with many shoppers praising our collectors for the work that the team carries out within the local community.

We are very pleased today to be able to announce that we collected the grand total of £432.70p with huge thanks to the kindness and generosity of shoppers at ASDA Middlebrook on Saturday 16th March.

The team would like to extend its thanks to the staff and management at ASDA Middlebrook who allowed us to hold this collection, with particular thanks to Lynda Gallimore of ASDA Middlebrook.