Team members maintain a “Standby availability” due to continuing wintry conditions

With the conclusion of Incident 42, and Incidents 43 and 44 having ended, Team member Steve Fletcher took our Land Rover BM3 to his home address, and team members Nigel Booth and Mike O’Brien in Land Rover BM4 all maintained a team vehicle ‘crewed standby’ should the team receive any further calls.

This was maintained from circa 05.00hrs on Saturday morning up to circa early afternoon on Saturday.

No further calls during this period were received, but Our BM4 Land Rover with Mike O’Brien and Nigel Booth, did assist in the recovery of a number of vehicles stuck in snow in the area local to our Base / HQ.

The below is an account from Team Trainee Call Out list member Nigel Booth of one such vehicle recovery, which resulted in a very kind impromptu £20.00 cash donation to the team with thanks from Rob Meaney;

“Two team members were very glad of a smiling face and cafftier of coffee when undertaking the digging out of a vehicle from a very heavily snow laden Old Kiln Lane, Heaton, on Saturday morning. Mike O’Brien and Nigel Booth of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team had been available throughout the night crewing one of the four 110 Land Rovers belonging to the Bolton MRT.”

“Whilst investigating the heavy drifts of snow they came across Rob Meaney of Shaw and Son Funeral Directors, who had become stuck in the drifting snow.

Armed with snow shovels Mike and Nigel began the heavy work of clearing the road so that Rob could make his way down Old Kiln Lane. Because of the deep snow, progress was very slow. It was after about an hour into the shovelling of snow that Dawn Stephenson appeared with some hot coffee, she was joined by her daughter Eve. This was the 2nd time in recent months that Dawn had met members of Bolton Mountain Rescue Team. Back in November, Dawn who was then accompanied by her son Aidan and daughter Isla attended the NWAS Open Day, and at that time they met long time Bolton MRT member and former team Search Dog handler Dave Marsh and his Trainee Drowned Victim Search Dog Sasha.”