Team out in strength at traditional Annual Rivington Pike Fair Celebrations

With a tradition going back over a hundred years, every Good Friday (Regardless of the weather) a Fair has been held in close proximity to the high moorland landmark of Rivington Pike, with the Fair itself being set up on the moorland road of Georges Lane (Now an extremely potholed moorland stone track rather than a ‘road’)

This year despite the many large snow drifts and snow banks remaining from last weekends snowfall, and bitterly cold conditions in the shade, (Though the sun was shining) many thousands of visitors flocked to the Rivington area with a great many making the ascent of the Pike itself.

The usual Police presence from Lancashire Constabulary was on duty alongside ourselves and Rangers from United Utilities.

In total we had twenty two Team Call Out list members present in all four of our Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance Vehicles and our Ford Transit Minibus Ambulance.

Thankfully the day for us passed without any incidents, save helping to winch out or tow out the many cars that had become stuck on the soft ground verging the off road car parking areas around the Rivington Hall Barn area in Lever Park, Rivington.

(Thanks to Jim Hough, one of the motorists we helped, who subsequently made an impromptu £20.00 cash donation with thanks for our help)

A planned joint display by Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service and the Bolton MRT in the vicinity of the Rivington Hall Barn, to highlight the risks of moorland wildfires (Grass fires) did not take place due to traffic issues in the local area due to road closures (Snow drifts still blocking some local roads)

Valued Team supporters and former Team Deputy Team Leader and ex team member Dave Dorgan and his wife, also a former team member, Trish Dorgan, passed on their best wishes to all in the team, when they passed by on their Good Friday ‘walk up to the Pike.’