Incident 54/2013

During our provision of Standby Rescue Cover for the large scale Pike View Hike (See previous report entry) the event control was made aware at circa 17.39hrs of a small wildfire on the prominent feature of Healey Nab, possibly on the closing route stage of the ‘Hike’ event.

Following investigation by team members present in the area covering the event, it was determined that a response was needed by Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, with a call being made to LFRS at 18.13hrs, which resulted in the mobilisation of three LFRS Pump Fire Appliances and one LFRS Land Rover personnel carrier.

Team members at 19.00hrs met and liaised with LFRS, including experienced team call out list member Chris Greenhalgh (A GMFRS Firefighter at Broughton Fire Station) resulting in one of our two Land rovers present transporting some firefighters closer to the fire scene via off road tracks. (Team members had also plotted the overall fire area and provided this information to the responding LFRS resources)

By 19.40hrs this fire was extinquished, with the incident closed at 20.00hrs.

In total two of our Land Rover Mountain Rescue Ambulance vehicles were involved in this incident assisting LFRS, with four team members on scene (Chris Greenhalgh, John Dickinson, Tony Dawson and Mike Marsh) with Steve Fletcher co-ordinating our involvement from the Event Control.

(Please note this incident falls within the primary operational response area of our colleagues at Bowland Pennine MRT. Steve Fletcher liaised with Phil O’Brien, Team Leader of Bowland Pennine MRT regards our response to this incident)