Solo Static Parachute Jump by team members on hold awaiting a new date

Readers may recall that three Bolton MRT call out list members were scheduled to undertake a solo static parachute jump on Saturday April 13th, joint with members of NEWSAR team from North Wales, as a fundraising event benefitting our team, NEWSAR Team and SARDA (Wales)

Poor flying and jumping conditions due to high winds precluded the parachute jump from taking place and our intrepid three jumpers are currently awaiting confirmation of a new date.

The Bolton MRT team members taking part are Chris Greenhalgh, who is our current Equipment Officer (Vehicles) our former Training Officer Elaine Gilliland, and Steve Nelson, our Mountain Rescue Trailing Search Dog Handler, who provides the ‘link’ so to speak, to SARDA (Wales)

All three met with their colleagues from NEWSAR on Saturday 13th April, at Tilstock Sky Diving Base, Shropshire, where as the photographs accompanying this report show, they undertook a rigorous and very necessary training session.

Word from the overall jump organiser, Dani Burgess (Fundraising Officer for NEWSAR Team) is that circa £3,000.00 has been pledged so far, to be divided equally between Bolton MRT, NEWSAR Team and SARDA (Wales)