Team Leader and Training Officer in visit to City Airport Manchester (Barton)

This morning at 11.00hrs our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE and our Training Officer Dave Marsh, met with Mark Knowles, Airfield Duty Manager at City Airport Manchester (Barton) – which alongside the general aviation elements based there, is also home to one of the two North West Air Ambulance helicopters ‘ Helimed 72,’ and a Police helicopter ‘NPAS 21’ of the National Police Air Service.

Garry and Dave met to discuss the teams attendance at this years City Airport Manchester (Barton) Aviation Family Fun Day and Aircraft Fly In Event, scheduled for Sunday 7th July 2013, at which we will have all our vehicles on display, at at previous events in 2012 and 2011.

The meeting was to discuss how the teams resources present on the 7th July 2013 event may best be integrated in to any emergency response to any unfortunate incident which may occur within the Airport environs during the planned event (At last years event, fortunately without serious injury, there was a landing incident to an aircraft within the airport boundary)

Also for discussion were joint training opportunities between the Bolton MRT and the Airport Fire and Rescue Service, further developing our existing firm links and joint training exercises carried out to date.

In this regards the Bolton MRT will be receiving some training from the Airport Fire and Rescue Service soon in regards to Light Aircraft and Helicopter incident / safety awareness, and post crash management.

Garry and Dave’s constructive meeting with Mark Knowles ended at 12.45hrs, keep watching our website for news of this training in the near future.