Filming in connection with Team Member Paul Copley”s attendance at the Grand Final of the BT Chairman”s Awards 2013

On Saturday 20th April 2013 we reported within the ‘News’ section of our website, that we were extremely proud to announce that Team Call Out list member Paul Copley who joined the team in November 2010, and is a BT employee, had been informed that after a rigorous selection process, he has been invited by his employer as one of only twelve national finalists, to attend the BT Chairman’s Awards 2013, to be held in London.

Paul has been selected as a finalist for his voluntary work with the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team, and will be journeying to the Awards Ceremony to be held on 11th June 2013, in the prestigious setting of the BT Tower, London.

At the Awards Ceremony, short films profiling each of the finalists will be shown in the auditorium, and filming of Paul with some of his team colleagues took place this afternoon, commencing at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ.

Sam Rowland a freelance cameraman ( working for Chrome Productions ( arrived at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ late this morning direct from London, and with team members present from the conclusion of Incident 58, and carrying on with the ‘call out interrupted’ valet session, he had plenty of opportunity to film the team doing all ‘the essential non operational’ tasks.

Interviews were filmed of Paul (Obviously) and then of our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, who was asked to provide supporting comments as to why Paul should receive the BT Chairman’s Award 2013.

The next part of the filming was outdoors on the moorland fringes of Wilders Moor above Horwich, and just to add to the realism it started raining!

A search and evacuation exercise with Paul Copley as the ‘Star,’ was stage managed to perfection, and with this the filming was concluded.

Those present today would like to thank Freelance Cameraman Sam Rowland for his interest shown in the work of the team during his afternoon with us.

It remains to be said that the whole team membership wishes Paul every success in the final of the BT Chairman’s Awards 2013 Ceremony.