Team member Chris Greenhalgh completes a successful static line solo parachute jump as part of a Charity Parachute Jump involving Bolton MRT / NEWSART / SARDA (Wales) members

We are very pleased to report that on Saturday 27th April, very experienced Bolton MRT Team Call Out list member (Our Equipment Officer Vehicles) Chris Greenhalgh completed in the company of some NEWSART members, his first static line solo parachute jump.

Chris is one of three Bolton MRT members, who together with NEWSART members had arranged to undertake a Charity Sponsored Parachute Jump benefitting Bolton MRT, NEWSAR Team and SARDA (Wales) – Bolton MRT Team member Steve Nelson is also a Mountain Rescue Trailing Dog Handler with SARDA (Wales).

There follows Chris Greenhalgh’s account of his jump on Saturday 27th April 2013;

“Following completion of the solo static line parachute jump training on Saturday April 13th 2013 and the actual jump unfortunately not going ahead due to weather, Bolton MRT team member Chris Greenhalgh arranged a second visit at short notice, due to being given time off work and a reasonable weather report.” (Bolton MRT team members Steve Nelson and Elaine Gilliland also taking part in this Charity Event were not available for this day, being on an NSARDA Training Course Weekend)

“Today Chris journeyed to Tilstock Skydive Centre near Whitchurch in North Shropshire, arriving at 08.50hrs in time for the first refresher session of the day. This involves running through the important parts of the training to ensure students still remember it.

Following this, as the wind speed was too high the jump was unable to go ahead, so he was placed on a waiting list to be given a flight as soon as the wind speed reduced to within safe limits (Under 11mph). This took all day and the wind finally dropped in the evening.”

“At around 18.00hrs the green light was given and Chris along with 4 other jumpers were kitted out with jump suits, parachutes, helmets, altimeters and radios before going through numerous safety checks. Following this they continued to the Flightline (a restricted area where further checks are done along with the final briefing). They were then transported to the start of the runway and given their positions on the plane. The plane took off and after gaining 3,500 feet made the first pass of the drop zone and the first jumper jumped out. On the second pass, it was Chris’s turn and at around 18.40hrs he made his jump. Apart from a few twists in the lines which were quickly dealt with, he was pleased to see a full canopy above his head. He guided the parachute to the holding area until reaching the required height then continued with the landing pattern to the drop zone. We are pleased to report a safe landing.”

“Chris would like to thank Dani Burgess (Fundraising Officer of NEWSART) for arranging this event and Tilstock Skydive Centre for their excellent training and experience.”

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