Our Mountain Rescue Trailing Search Dog called out to assist NEWSAR Team.

Yesterday evening, Friday 3rd May, our colleagues in North East Wales Search and Rescue Team were called out at 21.20hrs with regards to a missing person search in the Mold area of North East Wales. 19x NEWSART members searched areas around Mold throughout the night, and in the early hours of this morning called upon Cheshire Search and Rescue Team and SARDA (Wales) for assistance.

As such our Mountain Rescue Trailing Search Dog Handler Steve Nelson, and Search Dog Boris were called to assist (Steve is a member of SARDA (Wales) alongside his membership of Bolton MRT) with Bolton MRT team member Elaine Gilliland, who acts as Steve’s navigator.

As Steve, Boris and Elaine were responding to the search this morning at circa 09.35hrs, they were stood down with the news that the missing person had been located some twelve hours after NEWSART had first been contacted, with all search assets involved also stood down. This is recorded here for information only and does not feature in our Incident Listings.