The teams brand new Incident Control Vehicle is almost ready for our collection

As we regularly update all our readers with the on-going progress of our brand new build Incident Control Vehicle, based upon a Volkswagen Crafter vehicle, the latest selection of pictures below show that the vehicle is now almost ready for our collection, with a ‘Pre- Handover’ meeting scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, Thursday 9th May at Coleman Milne, Westhoughton.

Over the last few months, our brand new Incident Control Vehicle has been nearing completion at the specialist emergency vehicle coachbuilder of Coleman Milne, Westhoughton.

The vehicle is based upon a brand new production VW LWB Crafter Van, which has been completely rebuilt inside to our specification in full consultation with Coleman Milne, and after advice from other colleague MRTs, (Including particularly Bowland Pennine MRT) the Central Motorway Police Group and following visits to a number of UK specialist vehicle providers.

This vehicle will replace our existing Control Trailer familiar to some of our readers but now no longer appropriate to our requirements. (It is being donated free of charge to Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue Team)

The interior consists of a full communications and IT fit, including multiple wire less work stations, featuring the latest technology Mountain Rescue / Ordnance Survey mapping systems, with full GPS tracking facilities.

There will also be a full colour A4 plotter.

For the ’traditionalists’ the entire inside is surfaced ceiling to floor with white board panels, whilst a comprehensive Ordnance Survey map and Street A to Z Atlas library will be stocked on the vehicle.

The multiple ’remote speaker head’ radio system includes a central roof mounted pump up extending mast aerial.

A dedicated radio operator station will be available within the front three seats, and within the rear.

Power to all radios and IT is from an internally mounted dual charging system with an external electric hook up point.

The rear itself consists of a four seat layout around a large work / briefing table, (with extending end piece)

All four seats have seat belts and are road travel legal.

There is an additional fifth non seat belt equipped seat in the rear.

The rear and front is fully heated and air conditioned.

The rear also features a sink area and fast water boiler, with hot drink
making facilities.

The back of the vehicle is split down the middle, consisting in one half of rear entry storage, for emergency lighting equipment (Latest generation PELI RALS area lighting system) blue road warning lights, traffic cones, emergency road / incident signage, Incident / Scene Tape and marker wand flags (To delineate search areas)

The other half of the back of the vehicle consists of a flush toilet with full welfare hand wash facilities.

Exterior, the vehicle has full latest generation flush fitting LED high intensity Emergency Vehicle blue lighting, with all round high intensity white LED roof mounted scene lighting to the rear and both sides.

Full latest generation LED white interior strip lighting gives full illumination to the inside work areas.

There is a full side length roof mounted external weather / sun awning.

Due to aircraft style floor mounting strip brackets for all the rear seating and table, these items can be quickly repositioned or removed entirely, enabling a mountain rescue stretcher to be carried in the rear, with flush floor mounted securing lugs.

Day to day this vehicle will also carry an appropriate amount of casualty care equipment, including a full Trauma Kit including O2, Casualty Bags and vehicle First Aid kit.

As per all our five other vehicles, a stock of smoke flares and rocket flares will also be carried for helicopter marshalling purposes.

This vehicle will be utilised by Bolton MRT to manage search operations and extended duration rescue operations.

It will also be used as a Control Facility for standby rescue cover events, and as a team control point for our routine Wednesday evening exercises.

It has secondary functions as a standby first response vehicle should the situation warrant such, or to act as a Public Relations vehicle for the team, carrying our extensive exterior display material / banners and sail

The team is very grateful to all at Coleman Milne for their very considerable help in the specification of this vehicle, and to Volkswagen UK for their kind discount offered to the team on the base vehicle.

Current Team Treasurer Martin Banks has carried the task of Project Officer in the team for this vehicle, and with gathering momentum over the last year has successfully managed all matters regarding this vehicle to its imminent delivery and then operational debut within the team.

A considerable bequest from the late Mrs Jennie Hoey has funded over 50% of the total cost of this vehicle, hence it being named in her honour and ever lasting memory.

We are currently expecting this vehicle to be in team full operational service by the end of May 2013.

Following its operational debut, we will be arranging at our Ladybridge Hall Base / HQ a formal vehicle dedication and blessing event, as we have done for all our team vehicles, which will be inclusive of a wine and buffet evening.

It is worthy of mention that our friends and colleagues at both Rossendale and Pendle MRT have a similar Incident Control Facility as does Bowland Pennine MRT, their vehicle also having been built at Coleman Milne, Westhoughton.

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