Incident 62/2013

This evening our Mountain Rescue Trailing Search Dog Handler Steve Nelson, was contacted by SARDA (Wales) for his specialist search assistance, in regards to a search for a missing person in the Colwyn Bay area of North Wales.

At the same time he was also contacted by North Yorkshire Police, again for his specialist Trailing Dog Boris, to assist in a search for a missing 86 year old male in the Selby area of Yorkshire.

The choice of which one to respond to was made up for him when we understand the missing person in North Wales was found.

At circa 20.30hrs this evening, with Bolton MRT Team member Elaine Gilliland acting as his navigator, Steve, Boris and Elaine, set off for Selby, to be stood down responding in the Leeds area at circa 21.30hrs, with the news that the missing man had been located outside the defined search areas.
Steve, Boris and Elaine all returned home, by circa 22.30hrs.

The following information relating to this incident, is from the website of Scarborough and Ryedale MRT regarding their response to this search, (Their incident 20 / 2013)

SRMRT Team deployed by North Yorkshire Police to assist in the search for a vulnerable 86 year old male missing from a care home in the Temple Hurst area south of Selby. Search parties deployed to search paths and tracks he was known to frequent when we received notification that he had been found safe and well with friends a considerable distance away from the home. Seventeen team members attended with vehicles back at base and ready for the next shout at 22:45hrs.