Very kind donation from our valued friends at Leigh and District Rambling Club

Today we can announce the receipt of a wonderful £100.00 donation from the members of Leigh and District Rambling Club. (Founded in 1981)

In a letter accompanying this thoughtful donation, to our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE from their Secretary Mrs Pat Hurt, Pat explained that the Club has 140 members and runs seven walking groups, walking fortnightly on a Sunday anywhere within a 100 miles radius of home.

She further explained that the Leigh and District Rambling Club has a charity fund and each year aims to support the various mountain rescue groups in its walking area, hence this very kind donation to our team.

The whole team membership is grateful to all the membership of Leigh and District Rambling Club for their kind, valued and appreciated continuing support of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

Please also see website ‘News’ report dated Monday 14th March 2011.