Commissioning works continue with our brand new Incident Control Vehicle

Since accepting delivery of our brand new Incident Control Vehicle on the late afternoon of Thursday 30th May, team members have spent Thursday night, most of Friday and all day Saturday, commissioning the various IT and communications systems on this new vehicle.

Today their work continued, assisted by our Treasurer Martin Banks, who was the Project Officer behind this vehicles specification and purchase by the team, and team member Phil Crook.

Our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE was also present today, arranging and co-ordinating the SAR equipment and incident control equipment to be fitted within this vehicle.

These works continued in to this evening, with tomorrows tasks (Monday 3rd June) being the fitment of all the numerous sundry equipment items this vehicle will carry in operational service.

By Monday evening, 3rd June, we will be able to declare this fantastic new addition to our team vehicle fleet fully operational for team use.