Incident 70/2013

Whilst loading the casualty from Incident 69 into the NWAS Ambulance, at 12.36hrs we were paged by the Airdesk Despatcher at NWAS (Lancashire) EOC Broughton, to respond to an incident at Rivington, involving a female walker with a facial injury.

Our Mountain Rescue Land Rover Ambulances BM1 and BM3, along with our Incident Control Vehicle BM6, were able to make an immediate response from Incident 69 at Astley Bridge, to this new incident.

At 12.41hrs a full team call out message was paged out, with our Mountain Rescue Land Rover BM4 also responding at this time.

The initial casualty location RVP was given by Ambulance Control as the Rivington Hall Barn, Lever Park, Rivington.

The North West Air Ambulance helicopter ‘Helimed 72’ from City Airport, Manchester, and an NWAS Emergency Ambulance had also responded, with Helimed having initial problems trying to locate the casualty (Everybody waves at Helimed, not just the casualty!)

Our first responding member, John Fletcher at 12.50hrs and then our BM4 vehicle at 12.55hrs, arrived at the Rivington Hall Barn, to be instructed via pager at 12.57hrs that a new revised RVP was now at Lower House, Rivington, at the Roynton Lane entrance to the hillside Terraced Gardens.

(This revised RVP was after discussions between our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE who has expert local knowledge of this area, and Ambulance Control, as to the likely casualty location)

Between 13.05hrs and 13.07hrs all four of our responding vehicles arrived at Lower House, to meet the responding NWAS Ambulance and the Paramedic from Helimed 72, who informed us the casualty was with the Helimed Doctor, that Helimed had landed close by, and that we could access the casualty directly by the hillside track (The Bolton MRT carries access gate keys in all its vehicles to the many gates in the area)

The casualty, a 67 years old woman, from Heath Charnock, out walking in the company of her husband, had stumbled, falling and sustaining a full face injury.

Two of our Land Rovers (BM3 and BM4) accessed the hillside track of Roynton Lane, finding the casualty at 13.08hrs, at the entrance to the Terraced Gardens.

Along with the NWAA Helimed Doctor, she was evacuated in our BM3 Land Rover, back down to the NWAS Emergency Ambulance at Lower House.

At 13.15hrs the Ambulance departed with the woman and her husband, for treatment at Royal Bolton Hospital.

The following resources were involved in this incident;

  • NWAS (Lancashire) EOC Broughton, Airdesk Despatcher.
  • NWAS (Lancashire) Emergency Ambulance, two crew.
  • NWAA Helimed 72 Air Ambulance Helicopter, from City Airport, Manchester (Barton)
  • Bolton MRT; Mountain Rescue Land Rover Ambulances BM1,3 and 4, and our Incident Control Vehicle, alongside twelve team Call Out list members on scene, and a further three stood down responding.