Very kind letter of thanks from Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue Team

Today our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE received from Paul Chamberlain, Chair / Team Leader of Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue, the following very kind letter which is reproduced below in full, for the interest and information of all our many readers;

“Dear Garry, I hope this letter finds you and the team well and enjoying the sunshine and fair weather, now that some sort of spring has arrived.”

“I want to take this opportunity to write to you formally and thank you for your generosity over the last year in supplying us with your ‘redundant’ equipment as you have up-graded. Although operating in differing environments our aims are the same, and as a result much of the equipment is identical.”

“Lowland Rescue teams are still less well known than their mountainous brethren and as such fundraising is harder. We are working hard to improve our image, both locally and nationally but this takes time as I am sure you will know.”

“The generosity shown by Bolton MRT over the last twelve months has allowed us to make incredible leaps forward in terms of our equipment and therefore the service we can provide.”

“This letter is not only to thank you and the team for the smaller items of equipment you have donated over the last year, ranging from torches to stretchers and flood lights, but to offer our heartfelt thanks for the incredible donation of your control trailer.”

“The trailer has caused much excitement within the team and for the first time in our history will give us a way of not only deploying equipment, but also ensuring our management of search operations is controlled from a single point with all the equipment required easily available to the search managers.”

“I will forward some pictures of the trailer in service once we have it operational within the team.”

“Once again, please pass on our thanks to the entire team at Bolton from all of us here in Norfolk.”

“Kind regards, Paul Chamberlain, Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue.”

The Bolton MRT is happy to help our colleague and sister SAR Teams whenever and wherever we can.

Keep watching our website for some exciting news about water training opportunities Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue are very kindly offering to our team members.