Latest training update from our Trainee DVSD Handler Dave Marsh and his Trainee DVSD Sasha

This morning saw our Trainee Drowned Victim Search Dog Handler Dave Marsh, (Our Team Training Officer) along with Trainee DVSD Search Dog Sasha, undertaking a more prolonged training session than usual, on a local water body, as they had a guest visitor joining them for their training.

This turned out to be an ex-Police Dog Handler who has trained numerous dogs for police work as well as working with the Royal Army Veterinary Corps.

The ‘target source’ for Sasha to find this morning had been in place for 10 days, and with the ex-Police Dog handler driving the boat to an agreed search pattern, the exercise commenced. It proved to be very informative, with the threesome working a grid search over the waters surface and Sasha indicating at set points along the way. The debrief concluded the exercise had been a success throwing up numerous questions which will be asked of DVSD maestro Neil Powell, who Dave and the ex-Police Dog handler are visiting next week-end over in Northern Ireland.