Family of man involved in Incident 68 / 69 – 2013 publicly thanks Bolton MRT via the Bolton News

In todays Bolton News the following story appeared, in which the family of the man involved in our Incident 68 / 69 – 2013, on Sunday 9th and Monday 10th June, gives thanks to all involved in the successful search and subsequent rescue of Terry Gilligan.

Family of missing pensioner thank the hundreds of people who searched for him .
7:00am Tuesday 18th June 2013 in NewsBy Miranda Newey, Reporter

THE family of a pensioner who was missing for almost 18 hours have thanked the hundreds of people who launched a massive search to find him.

Terry Gilligan, aged 74, who sufferers from dementia, went for a walk last Sunday at about 6pm but did not return.

Family, friends, the emergency services and Bolton Mountain Rescue Team launched a huge hunt for the grandfather, who had last been seen near McDonalds in Waters Meeting Road in Astley Bridge.

He was found about quarter of a mile from his home in Waverley Road, Astley Bridge, by the North West Underwater Search and Marine Unit on a steep valley off Waters Meeting Road at 11.50am last Monday, June 10.

He had suffered a bad fall while he was missing and had to be treated in hospital.

Mr Gilligan’s daughter, Joanne Gilligan, aged 47, said: “When my dad was found he had a broken nose, fractured ribs and was battered and bruised but was alive. Hearing he had been found was fantastic. It was just a relief. The police told us they had found a male and then sent us a picture of him having a cup of tea.

“My dad was in shock but he is laughing about it now and recovering.”

His family, especially his wife Shirley Gilligan, aged 70, were panic-stricken when Mr Gilligan went missing as he suffered from deep vein thrombosis in his leg and takes Warfarin medication to stop the blood from clotting.

The police helicopter, aeroplane and the force’s water rescue unit were among those involved in the search.

Bolton Mountain Rescue Team (BMRT) joined forces with Rossendale and Pendle Mountain Rescue Team.

They transported him on stretcher, which was pulled by a rope up the slope.

Garry Rhodes, Team Leader of BMRT, said: “It was a successful outcome to the search operation, which involved a lot of police officers. We will never know how long Mr Gilligan was there for, there is no way of knowing. Fortunately he did not succumb to the weather as he was shaded on the valley. He was very lucky.”

Miss Gilligan, a carer, said the family would like to thank everyone involved in the search, particularly the underwater search unit, the police, Bolton Mountain Rescue Team and neighbours who had their gardens searched by officers.

She said the family would celebrate when Mr Gilligan, who has two daughters and four grandchildren, returns home.