Incident 76/2013

At 17.14hrs this very rainy early evening the team was paged by NWAS (Manchester) EOC Parkway, requesting our assistance with an injured male mountain biker in the Worsley Woods area, of Worsley, Manchester.

The call was answered by our Deputy Team Leader Geoff Seddon, who gathered further information leading to a full team member call out page at 17.22hrs.

Our BM4 Land Rover made an immediate response, and along with locally resident and locally employed team members, arrived on scene at the St Marks Church, Worsley, RVP to meet responding members of NWAS (Manchester) and the NWAS HART Team from Trafford Park.

Our first team member arriving, Alan James at 17.35hrs joined in with the recently arrived NWAS Emergency Ambulance (From Swinton Ambulance Station) and HART members to locate the injured man, in the extensive Worsley Woods area.

He was quickly located and found to have a suspected leg fracture, which was treated by splinting alongside the administration of pain killing gas. (Entonox)

Utilising the NWAS HART Team’s Polaris All Terrain Vehicle, and the HART Teams ‘Basket Stretcher,’ in a joint NWAS / Bolton MRT operation, the casualty was transported back to the RVP, arriving at 18.30hrs, and following transfer to the NWAS Emergency Ambulance was then taken to Hope Hospital, Salford.

By 18.35hrs all involved emergency services had departed the scene.