Membership retirements, farewell (for now) to Andy Kench and Andrew Wilson

Sadly we have recently lost experienced Team Call Out list member Andrew (Andy) Kench, principally due to new work commitments.

Andy joined the team on 15th February 2007, and brought to us his very relevant experiences as an RSPCA Inspector given his two animal rescue specialisms, in steep ground rescue and flood relief operations.

Andy is now RSPCA Team Leader for an area stretching from the Scottish border to Birmingham, being on call for animal rescue incidents.

He is also on the National RSPCA Flood and Boat team, and has tremendous experience of recent flooding incidents in England and Wales.

In a letter to our Team Leader Garry Rhodes MBE, Andy stated;

“I have loved my time with the team and feel very proud and privileged to have done so.”

“I’ve made many friends also and it is my intention to keep in touch as much as I am able.”

“I have a huge respect for the team and will miss it a great deal.”

“All of you take care and enjoy,

Andy hopes to be in a position to return to the team in the near future.

All in the team membership wish Andy all the best in his new role, with congratulations on this his latest appointment with the RSPCA, and with thanks for his service in the Bolton MRT (To date!)

We’ll all miss your gentle humour and kind guidance and words offered to many a team member.

Our Support Group recently also said goodbye to one of their members when Andrew Wilson left due to his growing time commitment with the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

Currently the Bolton MRT has a membership of sixty two very committed and dedicated members, in the following categories of membership;

  • Forty three Full call Out list members.
  • Nine Trainee Call Out list members.
  • Ten Support Group members.